anti-racism activist and whovian
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*goes anywhere*

*scans for people of color*

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21 Golden Retriever puppies from two litters


21 Golden Retriever puppies from two litters

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i applied to a bunch of cool jobs and i can’t wait to get no response from each one

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[danny devito voice] charlie

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Parade Falchion 

  • Dated: partly circa 1600
  • Measurements: overall length 77.5 cm; blade length 62.8 cm

Made in the Milanese style, the sword features a heavy blade struck with three spurious marks at the ricasso. The iron hilt, including vertically recurved fluted quillons cast in relief, comes with the tips formed as Turk’s heads, chiselled moulded fluted iron grip, and fitted with a Moor’s head pommel. The latter is finely chiselled, featuring a diadem and elaborately plaited hairpiece, the details picked-out in gold damascening (originally gem-set about the basal collar). 

Source: Copyright © 2014 Hermann Historica

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